Get Vicidial® Installed for $5

Your dialer installed by a professional for five dollars. Seriously.

My name is Burk Morrison. I'm a Vicidial consultant, installer, customizer, and author. My regular rate is $99/hour, but I'm going to install your Vicidial system with all the bells and whistles (including secure https if you have domain name you'd like to point at it) for $5, as long as you are willing to do three things…

Vicidial auto dialer client Andew Jordache

Burk is NOT directly affiliated with the VICIdial project. He is an independent support consultant for VICIdial (and voice services in general to some degree). More importantly he is a great person and quite possibly greatest consultant there is out there, anywhere. He was an inspiration to me on more than one occasion with his professionalism and by just being cool in general.

Andrew Jordache, IT Infrastructure Architect, Comodo Group

1: Agree to use a dedicated server at a data center I recommend. This makes my life easier because my data centers offer 24/7/365 support in case something goes wrong; this way I can enjoy holidays and take vacations.

2: You sign up with a VoIP company I recommend that will terminate your Vicidial traffic using me as your agent.

3: That's it! Emailing me, mentioning this deal, and agreeing to the two items above will get your Vicidial predictive auto dialer installed and configured by one of the best for five bucks. Awesome.

BONUS 1: Take advantge of this deal, and I'll provide 24-hour monitoring of your Vicidial server for free. More often than not I will be alerted to a problem (and fix it) before you notice anything was ever wrong!

BONUS 2: In addition to the $5 installation with configuration, and free server monitoring, I reduce my regular support rate to $79/hour — making this an incredible deal! Get in touch today.

Questions? Please drop me a line and I’ll do my best to answer them.