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Roll your own Vicidial system, and increase ROI using OSS!

My name is Burk Morrison ( ). I install, configure, and administer open source auto dialers and private branch exchanges built upon the Vicidial call center suite. I'm also the author of VICIdial Recipes: A Supplement to the Official Manual, if you want an affordable reference of answers to the questions I'm asked most often.

Additionally, there's ViciBoard, a free dashboard for Vicidial. It's open-source and pretty easy to install. There are step-by-step instructions if you'd like to check it out.

Experience: I have been installing and administering Vicidial systems for years.

Diversity: I have a large number of clients, many of whom migrated from a hosted Vicidial auto dialer, pricey online call center service, or were escaping an older, expensive, proprietary power dialer.

Freedom: Some clients use their Vicidial predictive dialer to handle large volumes of inbound calls, while others use Vici for its voice broadcast capabilities; most blend Vici's features into custom campaigns. Vicidial's flexibility allows it to fulfill many roles in call centers spanning the globe.

No matter the case, Vicidial offers my clients compelling advantages over (much) more expensive proprietary auto dialers.

Vicidial auto dialer client Andew Jordache

Burk is NOT directly affiliated with the VICIdial project. He is an independent support consultant for VICIdial (and voice services in general to some degree). More importantly he is a great person and quite possibly greatest consultant there is out there, anywhere. He was an inspiration to me on more than one occasion with his professionalism and by just being cool in general.

Andrew Jordache, IT Infrastructure Architect, Comodo Group

Vicidial Works


Vicidial does much more than the bullet points I’ve outlined here. Frankly, it’s easier to simply send me an email or give me a call and I can tell you all about it. If you're interested in upgrading your existing call center, or are looking to build a new one, getting in touch is a no-risk step towards weighing your options.

  • Reports.
    Full agent tracking and reporting. Vici includes a (completely optional) agent time clock. You can force your agents to describe why they hit their pause button during a shift.
  • Full PBX.
    Vici excels as a PBX. You can have full call menus, IVRs, and employee voicemail.
  • No lock-in.
    The platform is supported by a large community. If, after you have a dialer built and operating, you’d like to try another consultant, you’ll have no trouble finding somebody else.


  • Open source.
    No pay-per-seat licensing foolishness.
  • Unlimited campaigns.
    You can host completely separate call teams of agents making (or taking) calls for completely separate products.
  • Inbound & outbound.
    Campaigns of various types are available. Everything ranging from live outbound ratio dials (for example, dialing on four lines for every one available agent) to full push 1, unattended surveys, and fully algorithm-driven predictive dials.
  • Scalable.
    It’s easy (and cheap) to add capacity to your dialer; Vicidial is designed to cluster. If you want to push more traffic, simply add another server.
  • Call recording.
    Fully-integrated call recording (of both inbound and outbound traffic), with a click-to-listen interface. Vici can archive your call recordings (and system backups) to an external FTP server.

Am I Any Good?

Yes. I wasn’t always, however.

I didn’t know Vicidial existed until the call center I was working at, one with a really expensive proprietary system (think six-figures expensive) broke. The sales floor needed something up and live quickly. Agents who depended upon the commissions generated by the broken system were screaming. A few were literally crying.

One of the worst working days of my life ended when I made my first test call using Vici. Over the next forty-eight hours we moved everyone over to Vici. That call center — still one of my clients — has never been more profitable. The only money they spend on their dialing infrastructure is for their VoIP account and the agents working their phones. It’s a call center that doesn’t have to dedicate a large percentage of its revenues on monthly hosted/per-seat dialer bills.

While installing Vicidial isn’t terribly difficult, where I can help is with system customization, custom programming, and fixing a sick or broken dialer. Over the last year (as of ), I’ve been getting a lot of calls asking to help clean up, or simply redo, broken or half-completed Vici installs attempted by a novice.

Additionally, I created ViciRecordings, a cheap pay-as-you-go FTP service that warehouses call recordings and backups. I also authored VICIdial Recipes, a how-to answers guide that might get you what you need for far less money than hiring a Vicidial consultant.

How Much Do I Charge?

If you sign up with a company I recommend using me as your agent, to carry your VoIP (telephone service), they’ll pay me a finder's fee. I’ll pass the savings back to you by dropping my rate to $79 an hour billed in fifteen minute increments.

If you decide to use someone else for your minutes, I continue to bill at $99 an hour in fifteen minute increments.

In either case, many of my clients then ask me to set up or integrate a CRM or program a custom order form. I write my software using Ruby, and enjoy coding solutions to complicated business processes.


    • You do not carry a VoIP account that earns me a commission on your minutes.
    • Billing in 15 minute increments.

    Hourly @ $99

  • Two Choices

  • Commission VoIP

    • You sign up with a company I recommend.
    • I am the agent used with either VoIP company.
    • My hourly rate is reduced.
    • Billing in 15 minute increments.

    Hourly @ $79

The Amazing Product

Hardware Contact Me Now

What do I need?

I recommend you invest in a new server. However, I do not think that some ridiculous over-the-top machine is going to justify the price versus a simple white box. That being said, some of my clients have requirements for 100% server-grade hardware including redundant power supplies. Here are my hardware recommendations.

Again, a simple-and-cheap white box with quality modern components makes for a fantastic dialer. Almost every single one of my clients have had questions about these recommendations; I’ve disclosed the above link so you can get an idea of how inexpensive a new server can be.

Questions? Please drop me a line and I’ll do my best to answer them.

$5 Install